PROLIFERATION is trying to become a television series (political thriller/sci-fi/adventure)



A self-cloning spy, able to stay off the radar in an increasingly monitored and controlled United States, joins forces with a plucky reporter to fight the system and change the world.
PROLIFERATION’s first arc chronicles the beginning of a Second American Revolution, told as a science fiction drama – a 21st century version of “we’re mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”


It’s 2031, and the United States and China have just announced their intention to join their economies together into one “new economic cooperative”. It is in response to what happened in 2029: North Korea fired a missile at Seattle. It was nuclear tipped and it vaporized the city out of existence. The U.S. President had a nervous breakdown during a nationally broadcast address attempting to handle the situation.

North Korea started talking about bombing Los Angeles if not paid $10 Trillion in bitcoin. The People’s Republic of China, without saying anything prior and in an unprecedented nuclear carpet bombing, reduced North Korea to a localized nuclear winter using an untested atomic fusion technology. The new American “First Citizen” flew to Beijing and wasn’t seen until he returned to American soil 90 days later. This is the story of what happened next…


CASSIDY HERRERA is a Washington D.C.-based female Hispanic “newbie” reporter in the year 2031 who is butting her head against a system she has bought into, but instinctively mistrusts.

“JOHN SMITH” is a Chinese-American who struggles with understanding who he is, and the fact that he can create living clones of himself doesn’t help, except to evade capture in a country he no longer understands.

MORTIMER CROLY runs a shadowy part of Homeland Security with the assistance of a sentient Artificial Intelligence, plugged into the entire continent. A survivor who not only knows how to survive politically, but also how to “rule from behind the throne.”

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